Drama Queens — A dress-up playhouse for girls’ parties in Mokena, Illinois

April 22 & 23 – Join Us for Fabulous Drama Queens Camp Days!

Drama Queen Crown

Drama Queens Party Camp is a great way to enjoy all the royal treatment Drama Queens has to offer even when it's not your birthday. It includes pizza, cupcakes, and a treatbag. Best of all, it's a drop-off with no worries. Our professional party coordinators will ensure your daughter has a blast! Go to our Camp page for more information.

Just bring the queen, the cupcakes, and the drinks:
we’ll take care of the rest, no stress!

Birthdays only come once a year, so parents should be able to have fun and celebrate, too! Drama Queens in Mokena is the only Dress-Up Playhouse on the southside of Chicago. We have over 500 dress-up items and four exciting segments to every Birthday party—no need to pick one theme or one room.

We do only one party at a time, so your daughter’s time is special. Best of all, we always provide 2 Party Coordinators to run your party from start to finish. No stress for our Birthday Parent!

  1. Dress Up & Fashion Shows in our huge Dress Room
  2. Playtime in our Playhouse, or for girls 9 and over, Karaoke or Glamour Bingo. Our Playhouse consists of 4 fun rooms: “Home Sweet Home” Room, “Princess” Room, “Dollhouse” Room, and our “Beauty Shop” Room!
  3. Treat Time in our beautiful Tea Room
  4. Gift Opening in our fun gift room

We also host Girl Scouts—all Scouts will receive a “Drama Queens” patch. Tell your leader!

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If you would like to book a party, please call 708-439-1001. Phone hours are Monday–Sunday, 9:00 AM–8:30 PM.

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